Chef Yohanis

Yohanis Gebreysus Hailemariam - Ethiopian executive chef, cooking show host and culinary entreprenuer

DC Sister City - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Yohanis Gebreyesus trained at the Paul Bocuse Institute in Lyon and worked as a chef in California, before returning to Addis Ababa to found his restaurant Antica and Chef Yohanis brand, which promotes a healthy lifestyle using Ethiopian produce.

On EBS, Ethiopia’s national television network (24 million viewers worldwide including its YouTube channel), Yohanis presents a weekly food program. Fluent in English, French, and Amharic, Yohanis has been featured in the Guardian and Le Monde.

Yohanis is passionate about finding new ways to use traditional Ethiopian ingredients, such as making Parisian-style desserts from teff, the grain that is used to make the highland staple injera. He also launched a line of spice products and has been featured on CNN, BBC World Service and several other international media outlets.

Chef Yohanis is a mission-driven healthy lifestyle brand dedicated to make the taste and the health benefits of Ethiopian food globally available through international products that people are used to cooking and eating. With an integrated and holistic approach, chef Yohanis healthy lifestyle solutions combine international food and Ethiopia’s deeply rooted culinary art to promote healthy eating inspired from Ethiopian produces.

Chef Yohanis healthy lifestyle solutions come in three distinct but complementary services:
• Chef Yohanis teff and Ethiopian spice based products and
• Chef Yohanis Qegnet culinary TV show.
• Chef Yohanis Restaurant and hotel consultancy services

Yohanis Gebreyesus HAILEMARIAM, a globally trained chef with a French culinary base embarks into a journey of root discovery by traveling all over Ethiopia looking for the best food, best recipes and best practices. He will exploit his educational background and experience in worldwide gastronomical cuisine, to adapt Ethiopian food ultimately combining innovation and culture to offer healthy alternatives for the global marketplace.

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