Jerry Johnson

Jerry Johnson  – American who lives in Ghana and  curator of the Ghanaian Ancestral Wall

DC Sister City - Accra, Ghana

Jerry Johnson is from California.  He had a full career in the U.S. Air Force as an officer. He even graduated from the US Air Force Academy. Currently, he lives in Ghana as the founder and curator of the Ancestral Wall.

There are 90 portraits  heroes, sheroes and icons in African Diaspora history.

Johnson has commissioned several artists to paint the gallery of murals. From Mariam Makeba, Steve Biko, Na Gbewa to Imhotep.

“We are recognizing those who recognized us,” teacher and cultural entrepreneur Johnson told this reporter while walking through the altogether serene and informative grounds.

The pretty garden encompasses the impressive portraits and a really great restaurant, and terrific guest houses.

Johnson started this porject over fifteen years agon as a desire to “begin teaching the local youngsters African history. But there are so many villages, so many schools I couldn’t do it logistically, so I got the idea that if I put 90 characters up on the wall, then I could bring the schools for field trips.”

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