Eloi Coly

Kunjina Tesfaye  – Ethiopian Fashion Desginer

DC Sister City - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Kunjina Tesfaye was fortunate enough to discover her passion at a young age. She and her sister would entertain the family with fashion shows on weekends often wearing her mother’s oversized clothes but styling them so they would fit. She started sketching female figures at the age of 14 and designing clothes on them that looked like wearable art pieces.

Kunjina is a fashion designer based in Addis Ababa Ethiopia and owns her fashion brand KUNJINA that she founded in 2017 located in Bole. She makes unisex and women’s ready to wear garments with a global appeal. She has uniquely crafted details on her garment such as fabric manipulations, embroidery, and painting. With a background in engineering having studied construction technology and management her clothes have a very structured element to them that help with her unique brand identity. She mostly uses locally available fabrics and occasionally imports some to give her pieces a unique look.

After finishing high school she saw that she still nurtured her desire for fashion and even got a sewing machine from her aunt. She immediately joined Wossi International Fashion Institute after her engineering degree, taking a short fashion course. She went on to participate and win fashion competitions as well as get into fashion incubator programs. She continues to draw inspirations from both worlds of fashion and engineering for her pieces and has managed to get wide media coverage both locally and internationally.

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