Interview with Architect Jinhee Park

Jinhee Park is currently busy with projects that are about to be finalized, lectures at Columbia University and many other academic tasks. It will be her third presence at this important event that showcases some of the most significant architectural  works in an international panorama. Starting from 2016, responding to Alejandro Aravena’s invitation, ‘Reporting from the Front’, the Korean Pavilion, considered the fundamental battle waged on Korea’s architectural front lines, conceiving a game, ‘The FAR Game: Constraints Sparking Creativity’, which wanted to represent the demanding performance that the architects of the crowded capital, Seoul, are forced to face everyday, seeking a delicate balance between private interests and public regulations. FAR Game (Floor Area Ratio), which makes a clear reference to the ratio of a building’s total floor area and the dimension of the plot of land on which it is built, has been used as a ludic challenge to highlight, with an exhibition of 36 buildings, the best creativity not stifled but rather particularly stimulated by regulatory constraints.

Jinhee was part of the selected architects, and the strong pressure exerted by Seoul’s hyper-density, by the need to maximize the developer’s and owner’s land profits in respect to the strict rules of an urban building regulatory system, was certainly a very formative and demanding training ground for her profession. Tirelessly passionate, she has always devoted herself to this topic, looking for narratives that, based on rigorous functionality, develop extremely engaging stories for the beauty they embody. Read More

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